Loose Suspense

by loosesuspense

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recorded from october 2014 - december 2014, mixed and mastered by Die Tonmeisterei Oldenburg


released February 15, 2015



all rights reserved


loosesuspense Stuttgart, Germany

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Track Name: history lessons
He always walks alone through the park
wondering what he missed in his life
he never was that popular in school
even before that incident that changed him
but they haven’t recognized
he ate his lunch in the corner
so no one could make fun of him
missed the parties cause he wasn’t invited
no first kiss
no first drunkenness

No one he could talk to…

That’s why he already feels like he’s dead
cause they treat him like he is dead

A fact that could’ve happen more than once more than it should
out of courage and out of regrets
he decided to choose that path no second thought
became a hero of invisibility

Looking back what would we see?
a selfless act of a teenaged boy

He woke up from a smoky smell
reacted quickly although the fire burnt its way through the house
brave enough getting into another door taking those people out
he felt his skin was burning not knowing what fate has diced
Being courageous does not cover your scars apparently
shallowness oppresses modesty

I hope somebody will see through this

That’s why I already feel like I’m dead!
Track Name: adulthood
when I interact with people in my life
it seems like I am not able to do it right

what does it need to grow up
when will I feel like growing up

but I want
to stay like I am
and not anyone else
I’m trying hard
there’s no chance to succeed

I’d give everything
to find a solution
but in the end


Am I the only one who feels that way
it’s like I’m the Peter Pan of reality

I want to fly away to a place where I feel free
and I’m excited to see who I will meet

I’m coming home

But then I realize I’m still here
it’s probably the best to move around with my head held high
with my green suit under the surface
and my feathered hat inside my pocket
Track Name: fundamental
First thing to see in a new neighborhood
are the roofs as beautiful
or ugly as they can be
go past the unsightly ones to knock
on the imposing door
setting up the entrance

You realize it’s already open and you step in and a smell
of refusal and emptiness rushes into your nose
curiosity pushes you deeper inside the building
besides the spiderwebs and the withered flowers

towards the basement
and through the dust
you hesitate

you hesitate before you grab the doorknob
scared of what follows
slowly opening
creaking door
horrified look
no step forward no looking back

You run away of the untruthfulness
inside the houses where the inside
feels better than the outside
Track Name: stopwatch
I would talk about light years
if it was a measure of time
it slips away from your hand and
goes beyond your mind

I try to enjoy each moment and I close my eyes
rather watching grass grow
the wind rustle through the leaves
and rain crackle on rooftops
every day of my life than living it as monotonous as it now appears
everyone’s so distracted and before we’re noticing it
It’s too late
It’s all over

We leave life behind
and years becoming seconds
and now we’re all wondering what happened

Working, eating, sleeping
to stay alive to pay the bills
it all seems so unreal and we’re all making the same mistakes
living long in the past or planning our future meanwhile losing the present
I really wish I’d be the only one who could stop you or at slow you down.

You’re the most precious gift
I forgot that you are
Can I please rewind?
Track Name: timeline