Past Mistakes

by loosesuspense

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On this Record Loose Suspense is:


Physical Release
single sided 12" in various colors
Release Date tba

Recorded in February 2016 by Kilian Mohns
Mixed and Mastered by Kilian Mohns at Tin Roof Studios

Artwork by Dominik Apanowicz

All Songs written and recorded by Loose Suspense
Excerpts from 'Citation' taken from The great Dictator by Charlie Chaplin


released September 10, 2016



all rights reserved


loosesuspense Stuttgart, Germany

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Track Name: Aleksei
this is the pinnacle of consequence!
a reminder for all of us
what it means to go your way
all the way
no matter what
passion knows no compromise
even if it takes your last breath
your seed is inherited
not by the wind
by your own flesh and blood
it carries on, IT WILL CARRY ON!
your visions and dystopies
your punishment for humanity
a guiding light and example
to straighten out a perspective
flawed in mediocrity
it's not just hard to be god
it might kill you in the making
please, don't get it wrong
this is our monument to individuality
and a scream
and I scream
against the fear
that keeps us down (here) 2x
Track Name: Life / Plan
he felt so safe
and secure
embedded in a life plan
free and self-determined
the struggles of a square
meant nothing
to him
at least that's what he (thought) - 2x
stop. rethink. one look is enough.
deep dive into the past through an iris.
green. brown and blue.
green. brown. rays of blue.
a past and its commitments
the longings
the depth of her eyes
her new found security
in a life he may never have
the certainty of permanent loss
of something
he wanted so badly
in a past he did not miss
at least that's what he thought
on and on and on and on
(ideas keeps spinning
in is head)
"you and I will never work out." 3x
old wounds so profound
they hurt like they're new
"where do I stand? who am I kidding?"
one look is enough
green. brown. rays of blue.
seven drinks were too much
these ghosts pave the roads
back to an empty home
that suddenly feels so wrong
the abyss of her eyes
the moments that he lost
the windshield that bursts
a life plan
dead end.
Track Name: Wrecked
we spent weeks and months and years
trying to find a solution to this
held up in our merciless wasteland
where friendships run dry
we needed to face the obvious
and missed the point:
this wreckage cannot be fixed 2x
to save what is left,
we need to cut our ties
I had to dig deep
to discover
the roots of this
the roots of this decline 2x
we left our marks
footprints in the dust
but only time will tell
what those days were really worth
weren't they worth fighting for?! 2x
the picture of our legacy,
of a beautiful defeat:
bricks, branches, debris,
a rusty gate that's half way open
and the rampant wilderness
to preserve and renew it all
Track Name: Perspectives 2016 feat. Sebastian of Kála
what makes you so special
your life, your age, your study?
what makes you believe you’re right
nothing cause you’re not
when will you see
it’s only you who thinks that differently
arguments mean nothing
in a world of action
society excludes the ones who dare to disagree
there’s no help you can expect
open your eyes and get used to it
truth and honesty are planets with low gravity
population is low with high mortality
few places filled with peace and harmony
tolerance and empathy
argue respectfully
majority reigns the world of apathy
no place for me
what makes me believe I’m right
Track Name: Citation
these words are old! over 75 years.
an artist's way to try and better our world
to cleanse our minds from hate
"we" were the reason back then
"we" were the one's to cause stampede
but did "we" ever learn?
"we" were the terror back then
"we" were the one's to cause fear
but did "we" ever learn?
"we" were the villains back then
"we" were the one's to cause death
but did "we" ever learn?
and what it this "we" anyway?
nothing but a system and false believe in being right
ordinary people clinging to fairy tales
(so) somehow we got over it
the world loves us again
at least the parts of it
"we" think that matter
we form new alliances
find new fairy tales
and rebuild a system
that's doomed (to collapse) 2x
because we did not learn
from past mistakes 2x
so take this simple advice
from a young lazy fool:
do not repeat
recall our past
and take old wisdom (to the heart): 2x
"Let us fight to free the world
- to do away with national barriers -
to do away with greed, with hate and intolerance.
Let us fight for a world of reason..."