by loosesuspense

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    5 Tracks

    1. do you believe in fortunes
    2. home.....sick
    3. learned the hard way - still don't care
    4. perspectives
    5. life goes on wether you let it or not

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recorded, mixed&mastered from july - august 2013


released October 25, 2013

Vocals - Dennis
Guitar - Jan
Guitar - Stefan
Bass - Holger
Drums - Daniel



all rights reserved


loosesuspense Stuttgart, Germany

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Track Name: do you believe in fortunes
Nobody wants to listen
nobody wants to hear the truth about themselves
mistakes are made on purpose, doesn’t even matter
if you know it better
you can’t save them of their upcoming fate
foreseeing the failure like a fortune teller
don’t be tempted it will disappoint you
put more energy in, then you’ll get back appretiation

People don’t wanna know their future
they live in the moment, don’t care about what happens next
but not trying it won’t make them better
there should be a few out there (are) worth attempting

Maybe it’s a lesson to learn
not making this mistake again and again
probably somebody should have told me
I would have listened, I would (have)
Track Name: home.....sick
being tied forever
tied in chains, forever end ever
contract a commitment, you could never choose
a commitment with your soul as deposit

random people you only get to know when you grow up
if they let you
you can’t change the way they treat you
Bad Luck, if they fail
even when it determines your future living and mental health
they are your parents after all, it says

I’m sick of being at home
don’t want to see those shapeless faces again
I’m sick of being at home
mistakes they made shall be flushed away

Let me out here, HOME SWEET HOME

I’m sick of being at home
I’ll cut my rusted umbilical cord by myself

Leave me alone

blood isn’t thicker than water
friends don’t just come and go
family doesn’t last till death
if so bring it on and release me

I’m sick of hearing that

I’m sick, I’m sick
Track Name: learned the hard way, still don't care
What a tragedy happened today
the heart stopped beating for a second
before it did for real
when will we accept how fragile this life is

How could this accident take place, to be avoided but
ignored what was learned, just save the words
overrate the skills, not astonishing at all
underestimate the danger, feeling bulletproof
human failure caused by nature
the best quality of humanity is their mortality

And now you’re seeing your life in front of your eyes
could’ve been a few seconds more, if it doesn’t end now
What for?
Wasting years of living for a few moments of imagined happiness.
What for?
Ending lives of innocent children never even had a night of joy

Was it worth it?
You’re so selfish, now you’re paying with your life and you won’t be the last
You won’t be the last!
Was it worth it?
Good for you that you’ll never have to see you in the mirror again
you’d have to be ashamed

Was it worth it?
Was it worth it?
Track Name: perspectives
what makes you so special
your life, your age, your study?
what makes you believe you’re right
nothing cause you’re not

when will you see
it’s only you who thinks that differently

arguments mean nothing
in a world of action
society excludes the ones who dare to disagree

there’s no help you can expect
open your eyes and get used to it


truth and honesty are planets with low gravity
population is low with high mortality
few places filled with peace and harmony

tolerance and empathy
argue respectfully
majority reigns the world of apathy
no place for me

what makes me believe I’m right
Track Name: life goes on, whether you let it or not
A little girl passed my way
Joyful and innocent she talked to me
bout the past years of her time
she spoke to me so mature and safe
like she already lived a whole life
“it’s never easy to replace a mother, especially, when your father can’t deal with it
but I never complained!”

Young man maybe 25 – years old
his appearance is strong and self confident
telling me he only has a year to live
my family and friends have more problems with that lethal sickness than me
You can’t choose your fate!

An old man once told me, he lost his children in a car accident.
His voice is clear but kind of melancholic
“You should not live longer than your kids! I can’t turn back time and I shouldn’t.
If destiny chose that plan for me, I have to accept that!”

“Oh, I’m so sorry for you!” Suddenly all my problems seem so small
“Don’t be! Don’t be!” all three answered to me.
You can’t change what already happenend!
Accept your destiny!
You can’t choose your fate!